Sunday, February 15, 2015

A new year and a new resolution

At the end of last year, I realized that I was doing a really good job of collecting projects to complete, and a really bad job of actually completing those projects.  Because of this rather abominable lapse of self-motivation, I created a resolution.  This year I have resolved to complete projects each month.  I then went one step further and each month I have set a goal for which kinds of projects I would finish and then would be held accountable here on this blog.

So here is my accounting for January.

January was bag month. I started with this bag, call the Flip-Flap bag.

I could have considered January a sucess after finishing this bag, but while I was in Utah last fall I found a pattern by Kati Cupcake called My Favorite Bag.

I will admit that this pattern was an impulse purchase, but when I saw the bag all sewn up, it seemed like the best of ideas.  I purchased all of the fabric and the interfacing needed in December and then promptly put it all away.  But after finishing the purse, it seemed appropriate to pull the items out and finish.  I LOVE the way it turned out.

I liked it so much I made another.

Sorry for the sideways photo.  

I also sewed a couple of wallets, one for me and one for a friend's birthday, but I did not take any photos. With all these projects accomplished, I am feeling optomistic about February and a month to make qilts.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Day of School

Tomorrow is the last day of school.  I have signed a contract for next year which is good, but I feel that it is important to immortalize the students that I have taught.  So for your pleasure the following are some things that the students have actually said this year.  And just a random fact, but I think after reading these, you too will realize that I have the best job.  No names have been added on purpose.

"The motion is transfered the the balloon by your estrophogous (your shoulder)"
"Eat my boogie."
"Miss Pierce, can I steal?"
"The stripes alternate like every other one!"
"Senators make laws for...communists?"
"20 doesn't have a 2 in it."
"Why do we breathe? No really..."
"Does it come from the cantaloupe animal?"
"Hey Miss Pierce, you jumped off a ten foot cliff and you're alive?"
"How do you spell filipe?  Oh that's easy, you just look up Philip in a dictionary and you spell it with a mexican."
"Are you sure this dictionary is right?  I am pretty sure spaghetti has some "L's" in it."
"It smells like popcorn in here, listen."
"Como se dice "no" en english?"
"What's in milk?  Cow!  I mean Grass!  Mootrition?"
"How did the pioneers cross the plains? Boats!"
"Pick a number between 1 and 5. 7!"
"Mr. D. you weigh like .5 tons...I meant to say .9"
"I you they are from spain."

I must admit that I love my job.  My students are hiliarious and they say things like this every day.  We laugh, a lot.  That being said...Yeah for summer!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I am still here

I have been reading my sister's blog about her trip to England.  I decided that it was time I should get on and post. So for your pleasure, some random pictures. 

Awww, Hawaii.  For all of you that are curious, the first picture is taken at the Wiamea Gardens, and the second at Volcaono National Park.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


This time of year I get to thinking about all of the roommates that I have had and I am extra grateful for all the people who have change my life in unexpected ways. Some of my best friends were once my roommates and for the most part those are the people that I still keep in contact with.

The other day as I was sitting in my chair, covered with a blanket, not feeling well, and watching Monk, my mom called me and asked me if I would consider getting some roommates. I told her that I would definitely have to meet them first to see if they could come and live with me. She told me that arrangements could be made.

Yesterday I went and met a set of sisters and we got along so well that they are now my new roommates....

In case you were wondering, yes I am a sucker for a really cute face, they are sisters, and I have not named them yet...any ideas?

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have two bits of news today.

1. I found my camera cord, so now you will be over-loaded with posts from this year...that's right, the posts will cover January until August...make time.

2. I ate pudding today and under the lid was an amazing surprise.


Life is amazing...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some news.

A disclaimer: I have not told anyone this, so you may not be offended because I did not call and tell you personally.

The news: I bought a house. In Alaska. You may come visit any time. Pictures will be posted after I close on the 31st.

On a different note: I will post pictures of all my vacations when I have a chance and find the cord to download all my photos onto the computer. Please be patient.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Summer is here. I am currently looking for a lounge chair to put on the deck, a good book, and some sun screen...and yes, I signed a contract for next year.